17+ Best Small Bathroom Storage Ideas: Cheap Creative Organization (2020)

Towels, toilet tissue, and bottles of skincare products are several things that sometimes make your bathroom looks cluttered. As a result, it will look less interesting. To avoid it, you need to have the right storage. These are some interesting bathroom storage ideas that will not only make your bathroom more organized but also more attractive.

Our Top Storage

bathroom storage ideas

This tall storage is prefect for you who have a smaller bathroom. The vertical cabinets can take in many things. Moreover, the shelves that are attached to its door also offer more storage space. Therefore, your bathroom will look well organized. In addition, this minimalist gray storage will look good in your modern designed bathroom.

Wooden Pallet Storage, Clever!

Wooden Pallet Storage

The wooden pallet storage in this bathroom is unusual but creative. With this storage, you can keep your personal items on it. As a result, having this bathroom storage idea can help you make this room less cluttered. Moreover, it will also make it more interesting. This storage idea will fit any bathroom designs.

Bathroom Storage for Rustic Lovers

Bathroom Storage Ideas

If you love rustic furniture and decorations, you can choose this rustic bathroom storage with baskets. It is pretty big. Therefore, you can put all your toiletries in it. For smaller items, you can put them in the baskets. As a result, your bathroom won’t be untidy.

Space-Saving Floating Wall Shelves

Floating Wall Shelves

This space-saving floating wall shelves will be perfect for a minimalist bathroom. In addition, it is also good for a small bathroom. This dark wooden shelves looks stand out on the white wall.

Creative Spice Rack, Worth Trying!

Creative Spice Rack

Spice racks are usually found in the kitchen. But, it is not so with these spice racks. They are installed on the bathroom wall. In this room, you can use this rack to make your vanity tidier. In order to make this spice racks look more interesting, you can paint it in contrast color to the bathroom wall color.

Minimalist Storage Above The Toilet

Storage Above the toilet

Some people may think that the minimalist storage above the toilet is too boring. However, it actually balances the unique vanity and mirror, plus the rustic boxes. Therefore, this bathroom will not seem too intricately decorated.

Adorable Ladder Shelf, Anyone?

Ladder Shelf

This adorable ladder shelf is not only attractive. But, it is also very functional. You can use these shelves as the focal point in your bathroom if you put some decorations on the top shelf. This interesting ladder shelf goes well with most bathroom design ideas.

Wall Rack for Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom

Making a small bathroom looks well organized is not easy. However, with this wall rack, you can make your small bathroom tidy. In addition, installing it above the toilet will help you save some space. In order to make it more interesting, you can add unique boxes on it.

Mason Jar Bathroom Organization

Bathroom Organization

Using mason jars to store certain toiletries is very unusual. However, this is one of the most creative bathroom storage ideas. Instead of placing those jars on the vanity, they are put on the wall using certain fixtures. As a result, your vanity table won’t look too cluttered.

Easy Bathroom Shelving

Bathroom Shelving

This bathroom shelving is very simple. You can even make it on your own easily. In order to make it more interesting, you can place some unique decorations on it. Therefore, you can make your bathroom looks well organized and more eye-catching at the same time.

Slim Bathroom Storage Cabinet

Bathroom Storage Cabinet

This slim bathroom storage cabinet looks modern and elegant at the same time. It is perfect for a small bathroom. Moreover, it is also great for modern styled bathroom.

Different bathroom storage ideas, of course, will look great on different bathroom styles. Therefore, you need to choose one properly. In choosing it, you must not only consider the style of your bathroom. But, you must also consider its size.

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