23+ Stunning Bathroom Tile Ideas (You Wish to Know Earlier)

Does your bathroom look unattractive? If it does, you need to consider changing its tile. Bathroom tile is one of the most important parts in the decoration of this room. Having the right tile can make your bathroom feels like a spa. Therefore, you will feel comfortable when you are in it.

These are some bathroom tile ideas that will bring beauty into your bathroom.

Let the Lights Going in

bathroom tile ideas

Having a bathroom that has abundant natural light will help you save electricity. However, a bathroom window is usually small and insufficient. Therefore, you need bright colored bathroom tile to make this room brighter. With this let the lights going in’ idea you can enhance the natural light using white bathroom tile.

Shady Bathroom Tiles Ideas

Shady Bathroom Tiles

If you don’t like a bright bathroom, this shady bathroom tile idea can be your best choice. Its green shades balance the white bathroom cabinet, white ceiling, and the natural light from the window. Therefore, this bathroom doesn’t look too bright. Moreover, its color will make the bathroom looks fresher.

How to Do with Mosaic

Mosaic bathroom tile

For a beautiful and timeless look in your bathroom, you need to consider having mosaic bathroom tile. This kind of tile is durable and available in various choices of colors. Moreover, it shines beautifully so that your bathroom has a beautiful shiny look.

However, this kind of tile is more perfect for a modern or contemporary style bathroom.

Sweet Honeycomb Tiles

Honeycomb Tiles

This sweet honeycomb tile is eye-catching. It has an unusual look for a bathroom tile. Therefore, you will have an interesting bathroom if you have it. Moreover, the color of this bathroom is elegant and natural. As a result, it goes well with various colors.

Playing with Materials

bathroom tile ideas

This minimalist and modern bathroom looks luxurious with the use of natural stone tile. In addition, the combination of the dark flooring tile and bright wall tile makes it look simple but interesting.

From Spain with Love

Spain with Love

This bathroom tile idea is perfect for you who have a Mediterranean style home. The Spanish style of the shower tile and its design are unique and elegant. Having this kind of bathroom will surely add the value of your home.

Marble or Porcelain?

marble bathroom tile

For a luxurious and elegant look, you must consider marble or porcelain tile. This type of flooring is not only beautiful. But, they are also durable. However, both of them are more expensive than other flooring types.

Try the Herringbone!


Bathroom tile with herringbone pattern looks very attractive. It is perfect for you who have a modern style bathroom. In addition, its geometric pattern and mono tone create an illusion that the bathroom is more spacious than it is. Therefore, it is good for a small bathroom.

Mixing and Matching Tiles

Matching Tiles

This mixing and matching tiles idea is very artistic. Moreover, it is unusual but attractive. With this bathroom tile idea, your bathroom will look amazing.

“Expand” Your Space!

best bathroom ideas

If you have a small bathroom, you need to consider this bathroom tile idea. The use of monochrome color limits the borders in your vision. Therefore, the room will look more spacious.

Masculinity and its Texture


This dark and textured bathroom tile looks very masculine. However, it also offers you with a graceful look. As a result, it is not only perfect for a man’s bathroom. But, it is also perfect for a master bathroom.

More Bathroom Tile Ideas

Those bathroom tile ideas are the best among the best ideas. However, you must not choose one of them carelessly. Different types of bathroom tile offers you with different quality and durability.

Moreover, they also require different maintenance. If you don’t have enough time and energy in cleaning your bathroom, you must choose a type of bathroom tile which is easy to clean.

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