13+ Inspiring and Simple Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas is the day where we share joy with the whole family members during the holiday. Oh, don’t forget the presents for the kids and siblings too! And if this year you are about to host a Christmas dinner in your home, then you need to think about the decorations and ornaments to create peaceful atmosphere. There are a lot of Christmas decoration ideas that will guide you to choose the styles and decors.

This page is dedicated for those who want to try these inspiring Christmas decoration ideas 2020 that will make the guest say ‘Wow, you did a great job’ for this event!

DIY Christmas Shock

Christmas Stockings

These beautiful Christmas stocking is one of the easiest Do-It-Yourself crafts that you can do with the kids. I’m sure they would love it to create this craft and then put it on the Christmas tree.

DIY Wooden Christmas Tree

Tree Forest

A bunch of small wooden Christmas trees would be perfect to adorn the corner table. This one doesn’t require big effort to make and the colorful and glittery style makes your room festive.

DIY Floral Table Runner

Table Runner

When the foods satisfy your lips, the Christmas table decorations would satisfy the eyes. This DIY Christmas table runner is made out of floral-themed fabric that matches with the candle stick.

DIY Christmas Village and Faux Snow

Christmas Village

How about DIY Christmas village to decorate the blank wall? I’m sure it could be the focal point of the living room thanks to beautiful color combination and faux snow.

Fake Fireplace from Chalk

Roaring Fireplace

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a real fire pit on the living room. A fake roaring fireplace made out of the cardboard and chalkboard is great idea you can try with the kids.

Barn-style Apple Garland


The Apple Garland would be perfect to decorate the front porch. This one steals the barn-themed Christmas decoration ideas that is easy to make and suitable for the porch.

Salt Dough Accessories

Dough Ornaments

If you want the kids to involve in creating Christmas decoration ideas, the salt dough ornaments are the perfect one to try. Once it’s done, you can hang it on the tree or wall.

Tomato Cage Tree with Star

Cage Tree

It is okay if you don’t have Christmas tree inside your house. You can build this simple Tomato Cage Tree where the tomatoes are wrapped in colorful papers with the star-ribbon on the top of it.

Shining Wreath for Door Décor

Brite Wreath

When the dinner table and the living room are done, don’t forget about the door! This shiny brite wreath made out of colorful balls wrapped in shiny bright papers. You can put it on the door or wall.

DIY Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

This DIY Advent Calendar made from scratch. All you need are just pinecone twigs, small buckets, and rope to tie and hang it on the wall. This one’s suitable for the rustic themed Christmas decoration style.

Wooden Banner for Placemat Gift

Woodsy Banner

You require creativity to make a banner wood craft like this. But when it’s done, you can use it as a gift placemat on the table top. Don’t forget to put welcoming words on the side of it.

3D Pallet Tree

Pallet Tree

You can use wooden pallet and break it to be several parts. Use one side of it and paint into a Christmas tree and then add colorful balls to create 3D illusion. Put it around the Christmas gift on the floor.

Rustic Doorknob Decoration


This inspiring Christmas decoration idea is unique as some people often forget about the door knob. Use twig of pinecone and hang it on the knob to create Rustic entrance.

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