13+ Unique Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas for 2019

The best part about Christmas is where we try to decorate the tree a week prior. Even the kids would volunteer themselves to help you with the ornaments, settings, and everything they could for the Christmas tree. Well, it would be better if you take a look at these Christmas tree decoration ideas that will give you some inspirations.

At least, these inspiring Christmas tree decoration ideas would open your mind of how you decorate the tree that would be the focal point in the living room. Let’s see these elegant, rustic, simple, and classic Christmas tree decorations!

Red Ugly Christmas Sweater

source: diycandy.com

Red and green, tiny sweater that fits for your kids are the perfect example for your Christmas tree decorations. You can hang these ugly sweaters on each side of the tree.

Rustic Christmas Tree with Burlap

Christmas Tree
Source: pinterest.com

You can go rustic by using burlap sack as the bottom to top ornaments. Don’t forget to hang the same themed Shocks right above the fireplace. These rustic ornaments match with shinny and glittery bells and stars.

Farmhouse-themed Christmas Tree

Farmhouse Christmas Tree
Source: pinterest.com

You can go all out in decorating the Christmas tree with the barn or farm themed ornaments. A rustic style with animals farm figures, galvalum basket where you can put the gifts for the kids.

Buffalo Check Plaid Christmas Tree

Plaid Christmas
Source: juliabecker.co

The red buffalo check plaid wrapped on the Christmas tree can give festive look. It matches with the tiny house, pine cone, and deer ornaments that create contrasts and colorful tones.

White Rustic Christmas Tree

White Christmas Tree
Source: pinterest.com

The rustic style matches with the white Christmas theme too! I mean, take a look at this beautiful arrangement. The burlap sack blends with the white snowy tone to create pastel color on the tree.

Wooden Themed Christmas Tree

Creature Themed
Source: pinterest.com

The Christmas tree looks more alive with the fake wood on the bottom of it. This one is unique as you bring the nature inside the living room. Don’t forget to add burlap bear-y theme with tiny bear figure.

Colorful White Christmas Tree

Source: pinterest.com

A white Christmas tree with colorful ornament is the example that sometimes you can go out of the box during this occasion. This faux tree matches with your small-space modern living room.

DIY Brick Christmas Tree

Source: craftymorning.com

This one’s colorful DIY brick Christmas tree that you can try at home. It is something that your kids would love. Also, the kids would help you decorate the tree wholeheartedly. So involve them when you plan to arrange it.

Classic Themed Christmas Tree

Source: housebeautiful.com

It doesn’t matter if you want to go classic with the red lines and colorful bells. Embrace the Christmas with the classic tree decoration that will bring warmth to your living room.

Blue and White Christmas Tree Decoration

Blue & White
Source: pinterest.com

The blue and white concept for the Christmas tree looks beautiful as the colors hand in hand on the room. Make sure the white tone as the background to give spacious atmosphere.

Black and White Small Christmas Tree

Black and White
Source: womansday.com

A small Christmas tree with black and white banners wrapped around it looks chic and crisp on the corner. The polka-dot gifts under the tree enhance the black and white concept.

Modern Christmas Tree with Color Gradation

Modern Christmas
Source: pinterest.com

The key in decorating the Christmas tree is making it blends with the vicinity. It means that the modern living room needs modern Christmas tree with black and white that creates beautiful color gradation.

Cookie Monster Christmas Tree

Monster Tree
Source: pinterest.com

The blue plastic Christmas tree looks amazing as it shapes Cookie Monster. The white and black balloons are the eyes and black cloth looks like its mouth. The Christmas hat complement the whole concept. Legit!

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