23 Best Coffee Bar Ideas – DIY Home Decor Inspiration

Coffee bar ideas for your home will prevent you to go outside and spend your money on a cup of coffee out there. Besides, we do not need to go to the coffee shop all the time if we can make a good cup of coffee at home. This is why you need a coffee bar.

The good news is that you can choose one of the coffee bar ideas that would fit your house best. And at some point, it does not cost you a hefty amount of money after all. In this article, we will show 13 ideas of home coffee bars. And if you do not know where to start, you just need to read this article thoroughly.

Reclaimed Wood with Hanger

reclaimed wood

Crafting a coffee bar can be done by utilizing a piece of reclaimed wood. It surely gives a rustic feel in the room due to its wooden and brownish color. You can also incorporate some mug hanger. For a different look, you can simply cut the wood into a heart shape. Utilizing some other decorations will contribute to the concept and theme while you can have a fun experience when preparing your favorite coffee.

Scandinavian Coffee Bar

scandinavian bar ideas

Scandinavian style has its loyal fans and this style would be one of the most elegance coffee corners you have ever seen. Its streamlined look gives minimalist vibes while you can keep things fresh. The presence of greeneries will give a touch of nature in the room. Make sure you have plenty of storage options so you can store all essential stuff involved when you brew your favorite drink.

Coffee Bar from a Cabinet

coffee bar

It is also possible to have a home coffee bar without purchasing anything. All you need to do is repurposing items in your home. For example, an unused cabinet could be a solid piece that can be transformed into a coffee bar as well as a centerpiece for your coffee station. Storage units are important when it comes to a coffee bar after all.

Shelving Unit for a Coffee Bar

shelving unit

As we always mentioned in the previous paragraph, storage is essential to make an ideal coffee bar at home. If you have plenty of mug collections and accessories, you need to figure out the way to maximize used space. A tall shelving unit is pretty efficient and convenient. Besides providing storage, it looks attractive for a brewing station.

Industrial Coffee Station

industrial coffee bar

It is possible to make a standout coffee bar at home. Deciding on a specific theme will help you to figure out the things and industrial will be one of the best options. Creating an industrial coffee station would not require a lot of items. You need a few metal pieces to make it happens. Gathering some wire baskets and mounting it on the wall would be a good start.

A Farmhouse-Styled Coffee Bar

Farmhouse styled

If you prefer a traditional look for your home coffee bar, you can try this style in the picture. It is called a farmhouse style. You can use natural yet basic materials such as dark woods, wicker baskets, and others that will bring a strong rustic flair. Feel free to add some floating shelves. It is useful for storage and surely gives a charm in the corner.

French Bakery Home Coffee Bar

French Bakery

This is how you get a vintage look with an elegant splash on it. It is inspired by French bakeries that give their charming look everywhere. White colors dominate the whole scene while the presence of a blackboard would be its contrast. A quaint impression comes from various small details in the picture. Hanging baskets, decorations, and ornate buffet table is the highlight here.

Corner Coffee Station

Corner coffee bar

A corner coffee station is suitable for a house that does not have a lot of space for a bar. Even a limited area could work great as long as you have figured the way how. The picture you saw above is a smart solution for storage when you have no enough space to make it happens. Retaining a uniform color scheme will help to maintain the harmonious look.

A Serving Area

serving space

If your home has no square footage limitation, you need to have enough serving space for your coffee bar. A big kitchen counter could help and you just need to add seating options to make it more functional. Decorating your bar is essential so it still looks stylish. Feel free to use a pop color for a bright look.

Gold Accents

Gold accent

Are you looking for a good way to splash a style to your coffee station? We would say that there are tons of things you should try and gold accents are just one of those options. You can do a makeover for your existing coffee bar. Replacing the old handles with the gold ones would be a great step. Also, you can spray the brackets with gold paint too.

Movable Coffee Station

Movable Coffee station

If you need a coffee bar that will not take up too much space in your home, you should try this one. You can even make it in a DIY way. Any bar cart would work and you just need to add some wheels on it. Some models even come with wheels already.

Autumn Season Coffee Bar

coffee bar ideas

As its name suggests, this coffee bar reflects the autumn season. Feel free to modify the theme but the seasonal theme would create a seasonal mood to everyone who brews coffee here. Here you need to play with textures, motifs, and icons sometimes. Just like other coffee bars we have explained above, you should make sure that the storage is adequate.

Whimsical Coffee Bar

coffee bar

You will never go wrong by putting the aesthetics on top of everything. This style might be working out for you fine and you should give some personal touches as well. Feel free to incorporate colorful storage in this one of coffee bar ideas.

Other Coffee Bar Ideas

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