13+ Homemade DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Who doesn’t love Christmas?! This day is not just a Holy day, but since I was a kid, Christmas was special occasion because we would receive many gifts. This excitement stays till today and as an adult, receiving and giving gifts to others give me peace. I’m sure you too! But if you have no idea what would it be, the DIY Christmas gifts are here to stay.

DIY Christmas gifts are simple but those mean so much as you make it by yourself wholeheartedly. Here’s a list of example DIY Christmas gift ideas that you can make it at home.

DIY Battleship Sweets Game Boards

Sweets Game

Everybody loves sweets, any kind of it! The battleship sweets game is also a fun thing to do during Christmas party. This combination would be the best DIY Christmas gift that you can make this year.

Customized Earrings

Gem Earrings

DIY earrings are the perfect example for the DIY Christmas gift ideas for women. You can ask the local jewelry crafters to create a pair of beautiful earring with faux ruby or any other gems as the focal point.

DIY Decoupage Trinket Trays

DIY Decoupage

This beauty would be a perfect gift for kids or adults as you can customize the items inside of it. You can use tray as the base of decoupage trinket and add watch, rings, or other gifts.

Customized Neon Marbled Dinnerware

Marbled Dinnerware

Dinnerware is one of the most popular Christmas gifts. But choosing customize pattern on your dinnerware with neon marbled style on the dinnerware would make it different than the regular items.

DIY Wine Cork Square Vases

Cork Vases

If you a wine collector then you can use the cork to create square-vases out of it. You just need adhesive to build them. This one is simple, easy to make, but out of the box!

Rainbow Cheese Board

Cheese Board

Bring back the childhood memories to the kitchen by giving this beautiful rainbow cheese board to your mom or partner. You just need to shape and paint the board with rainbow tones and tada… your DIY Christmas gift is done.

Gift Wrapping Ideas from Scratch

Wrapping Ideas

When it comes about gifts, don’t forget about the gift wrapping ideas that you can try at once. Unused Pringless box can be an impressive tool to wrap your gifts.

Homemade Pink Sugar Scrub

sugar scrub

If you are searching for the best Christmas gift for women, the homemade sugar scrub cubes would be the best selection as women also need skin treatment during the shower.

DIY Filled Mason Jar

Mason Jar

Mason Jar is a versatile tool for everyone. This one can be a gift too as long as you put something inside of it such as marbles, candies for kids, or even homemade soaps. Oh, add small banners on the lid.

DIY Sliced Pink Cake Wall Clock

Cake Wall Clock

This beautiful DIY Sliced Cake Wall Clock would steal the attention on the room. Also, it’s simple to make and it’s up to you to create different cake styles. The only part you need to buy is the clock engine and the clockwise.

DIY Crushed Glass Coaster

 Glass Coasters

The new DIY coasters made out of crushed glass and small umbrellas can be the glass decoration for Christmas. Oh wait, you can make it as a gift too!

Homemade Soap Slice

Slice Soaps

Homemade soaps are popular as it’s useful and appropriate for gifts. You can personalize the materials or just make the Terrazzo Slice Soaps just like this picture.

Customized Leaf-shaped Earrings

Leaf Earrings

Another earrings inspiration for Christmas gift is this beautiful Monstera leaf-shaped made out of brass. Ask the local jewelers to shape this design and you can choose different materials too.

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