13+ DIY Christmas Ornaments You Can Try with the Kids

Christmas is a time full of joy where you can share happiness with almost everyone, including your kids. You have the day off and they already left the school for Christmas holiday. It would be a wonderful weekend to do something fun with the kids. Yeah, there’s no better Christmas activity than creating DIY Christmas ornaments.

If you have no idea what kind DIY Christmas ornaments that you can try with the kids, let me tell show you how beautiful Christmas ornaments would be when you make it with your lovely kids. Check the gallery below to find inspiring Christmas ornament ideas.

Crystal Clear Ornament Place Card

Ornament Place Card
Source: thesprucecrafts.com

Forget the card holder since you can make something different for this year. The clear ornament place card made out of round glass filled with card and cut of pine trees would look cute on the dinner table.

Charlie Brown Paper Ornament

Charlie Brown Ornaments
Source: thesprucecrafts.com

Charlie Brown ornaments made out of papers are easy and simple. Add the Christmas tree as the background for the each cartoon character. Don’t forget the colorful ball ornaments for the tree.

DIY Owl Felt

Owl Felt Ornaments
Source: figswoodfiredbistro.com

The owls figure made out of felt looks cute and useful as you can hang it on the Christmas tree, the porch, or any other places you want. It looks adorable as a gift for the guests too!

DIY Free-shape Felt Ornament

Felt Ornaments
Source: pinterest.com

Another DIY felt ornaments that you can try is this beautiful free-shape item. Make sure you use colorful felt to create texture on each character. Use tiny string so you can hang it on the tree.

DIY Felt Ornaments for Christmas Tree

Macarons Ornament
Source: getcreativejuice.com

Surprise the guests with the Macarons on the tree. Of course it is fake and don’t forget to tell the kids that they couldn’t eat it. These popular French delicacies look cute as it has different color.

Golden Pine Cone Ornament

Pine Cone Ornament
Source: thesprucecrafts.com

It is easy and simple to make because all you need to find is just pine cone. Splash it with golden glitter spray so it would shine when you put it under the light.

Handmade Paper Ball

Paper Ball Ornaments
Source: pinterest.com

It requires the basic origami to create this beautiful paper ball ornament. Use patterned papers for a better result. You can hang or just put in on the table top as Christmas decoration.

Small Felt Tree Ornaments

Felt Tree Ornaments
Source: pinterest.com

If you don’t have sewing machine to process felt, you can cut them small and stack it so it looks like a Christmas tree. Use felt with soft color to create smooth and warmth tiny ornaments.

Edible Peppermint Candy Ornaments

Candy Ornaments
Source: pinterest.com

The handmade Peppermint candy is simple and edible. You can buy Peppermint candy and melt it on the pan. Then use Metal Cutters as mold and shape the way you want.

Fish on the Glass Ornament

Fishbowl Ornament
Source: kitchenfunwithmy3sons.com

This beautiful fishbowl ornament looks cute thanks to fake fish inside the clear glass. You can choose different filling if you can’t find fake fish. Squid, seahorse, and even duck is just fine!

Christmas Tree Ribbon

Tree Ribbon Ornaments
Source: morganawyong.com

Another way to create beautiful Christmas tree miniature is using ribbon. Make knots with ribbon on a twig to resemble Christmas tree. Then hang it on a real Christmas tree or around the fire pit.

Felt Smiley-faced Mug and Sugar

Chocolate Ornament
Source: pinterest.com

You have freedom to do what you want with felt. This time you can make a mug with two sugars – all of them have smiley face, and use it as the Christmas tree decoration.

DIY Felt Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup Ornament
Source: shelterness.com

Last but not least, this beautiful red and white DIY coffee cup is also made out of felt. It will remind you for the candy cane on the Christmas tree.

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