13+ Cute & Simple DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

DIY stuff always be the best alternative for those who want to tighten the budget on a particular occasion but still want to get beautiful ornaments. It is okay because other than that, it lets you lost with the creativity. It’s good as it makes your brain works and helps you clear your mind from the negative thoughts.

So, on this Thanksgiving, the DIY Thanksgiving decorations are recommended for those who want to sharpen the creativity and save their saving accounts.

We have a bunch of DIY Thanksgiving decorations that are simple, affordable, and cute. Plus, these DIY stuffs will make your spare time more productive.

DIY Pumpkin Engraving Menu

DIY Pumpkin Menu
Source: countryliving.com

Don’t write the menu on the paper because this time you take different path. Use pumpkin that craved with white marker to write the menu that would be served during the Thanksgiving dinner.

Leaf Message Board

Message Board
Source: cialibelulas.com

Thanksgiving is the right time to share the happiness and what you are grateful for. Share it to other guests by writing it on the message board so everyone would know what brings them joys to this time.

DIY Colorful Balloon Centerpiece

Balloon Centerpiece
Source: pinterest.com

If you have no idea what kind of centerpiece table to choose, you can make DIY colorful balloon centerpiece. Use festive colors to add the brightness of the table. Add peacock origami on the platters.

Tropical Pumpkin and Sunflowers Centerpiece

Pumpkin And Sunflowers
Source: thesprucecrafts.com

Another DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas that you can try is the Pumpkin and Sunflower. The fruit and floral theme reflects the spirit of fall season. Also, it gives tropical ambience on the table.

Succulent Tree with Pumpkin

Succulent Decoration
Source: simplyhappenstance.com

Small succulent plant on the table could bring different look and feel. You can customize succulent plant with the pumpkin as the base. Add small cactus and artichoke on the top of it.

Wreath from Scratch

Thankful Wreath
Source: thegovegroup.com

Welcome the guests with a beautiful Thankful wreath made out of pine cones, white roses, pine leaves, and green grass. It’s simple, warm, and unique. You can create it and add some materials on your DIY wreath.

DIY Small Pumpkin Vase

DIY Gourd Vase
Source: roseshopflowers.com

A small vase made out of small pumpkin could be a focal point on the corner desk. This is a kind of DIY Thanksgiving decorations that will steal the attention of your guests.

DIY Falling Leaves Display

Leaves Display
Source: jaakko.me

This one is literally made from scratch. But it’s out of the box, though. Use dried leaves and clip them on the string to make falling leaves display that you can hang on the wall or the front door.

Rustic Leave Chains

Leaf Chains
Source: nuriaarantxa.com

Still a leaf-based Thanksgiving decoration, this leaf chain of maple leaves would add the fall spirit in your house. It’s like you bring the nature inside and create rustic exposure on your windows.

DIY Thanksgiving Simple Table Runner

Thanksgiving Table
Source: architectureartdesigns.com

Don’t left any spaces on the dining table. Use table runner to cover from side to side and add the strength of Thanksgiving theme on there. You can create DIY table runner with ‘Thankful’ print on it.

DIY Painted Wood Placemats

Wood Placemats
Source: pinterest.com

This is very interesting. You can make DIY painted wood placemat for the platters and cutlery. Use plain wood and then paint it to add pattern on the surface. A simple stripped or dotted pattern is just fine.

Printable Thanksgiving Thank You Note

Friendsgiving Printables
Source: pinterest.com

There are many Thanksgiving printable templates you can get for free. Print and use them as thank you note to all the guests after the Thanksgiving dinner. It’s cute, simple, and, ehmm, FREE!

Dead Tree with Thankful Note

Thankful Tree With Chalk
Source: redbookmag.com

Dead tree on a glass filled with rocks, adorn with the fake leaves made out of paper with chalk-written on it. It’s out of the box yet attractive DIY Thanksgiving decorations that will ‘Wow’ everyone.

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