13+ Simple and Creative Fall Crafts for Kids

When it comes about creativity, crafts always be the best option to sharpen skill of our kids. One of the things we can do is making a craft based on the season so there’s specific theme on it. This time the fall crafts for kids would take the advantage of fallen leaves, twigs, and wood, which also related to fall season.

And we will use Jack O’ Lantern themed that is also suitable with fall season concept. Let’s take a glimpse of these beautiful fall crafts for kids ideas that will strengthen the bond with the kids on the weekend.

Yarn-Wrapped Fall Shapes

Fall Shapes

These fall crafts for kids ideas are easy as you just need to cut paperboard to shape leaves or fruits and use yarn to wrap it. Make sure you use different colors of yarn so you will get beautiful crafts with various tone.

Origami Pumpkins


This craft require the basic skill of origami but I’m sure the kids won’t find it difficult. First, make a round cut on the orange paper and make wrinkle of it. Then use cord to tie the tip with the fake green leave made out of paper.

Paint Chip Crafts

Chip Craft

The kids would love this craft as it looks like pumpkin Jack o’ Lantern and zombie. This one’s suitable as craft ideas for toddler because it’s very easy to make.

Wind Chime from Scratch

Wind Chime

If you want something to hang on the porch, the wind chime made out of crossed-X twigs and trinkets of pinecone, beads, and rocks would be the perfect one. You can use pretty much everything if you couldn’t find those materials.

Dead Leaves but Glittery


Collect the fallen leaves on the backyard and paint it with glittery spray coloring. Choose golden tone with glitter that will add shiny texture on the dead leaves.

Leaves Puppet with Popsicle Stick

Popsicle Stick

Another crafts that require leaves like this is simple but unique. But you need Popsicle stick and doll eyes to resemble puppets. Don’t forget to dye the leaves with food coloring that harmless for kids.

Bead-shaped Pumpkins


You need to be creative with the pony bead because you are about to shape it like pumpkins. Now you have something to do on the weekend with your daughters.

Rustic Egg Acorns


The acorns can be colorful eggs when you paint it. And add the cord to wrap the top part of it and there you go, you can hang the eggs on the wall.

Tin Can Pumpkin Spice


Unused cans can be transformed so it looks like a pumpkin when you paint it orange. Add fake twigs and leaves on the top and use hay to tie the half-center of the cans.

Crafty Bats on a Mason Jar

Crafty Bats

The crafty bats are simple to make because you just need pipe, papers, twigs, and a jar. Cut the pipe short and wrap it with papers. Then use the papers to create wings so it looks like a bat hanging on the twigs.

Mason Jars for Candy


Dye the mason jars with pumpkins-tone and use black paint to shape the Jack O’ Lantern’s face. Now you can use it as a place to store Corn Candy.

Plush Ornaments


These plush ornaments are made out of used cloth, beads, and ribbons. This ornament require stitching method so be careful if you want to involve the kids on this part.

Witch with Funny Hat


Who thought that you can turn the Popsicle sticks into a witch with a hat? This Halloween-themed craft would drive the kids crazy as it’s simple to make but looks cool for them.

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