23 Magnificent Makeup Room Ideas that Inspire You

Makeup Room Ideas – For some women, they need a particular room to save their makeup and skin care. Therefore, if they just need to beautify themselves before going out, those women can just go inside. Then, after some minutes, they may look more stunning from usual. Well, are you one of those women? If yes, it means that a makeup room must be available at home.

In providing a makeup room, it is actually not really difficult. It also doesn’t need too much space. You only need to make sure that all the beauty stuff can be loaded there well including the dressers, drawers, and others. Besides, it is also important for the room to have good lighting. This way, your make up activity can be conducted well.

A makeup room is also needed for you who have a business in the area of salon and makeover. For business, the makeup room provided must be better since the items there must be more and bigger also. So, what are the makeup room ideas to follow? Here they are.

Pink Makeup Room Design with Vintage Style

Vintage Style

A makeup room is intended for women. It is reasonable if the design is girly and feminine like it is signed by the pink application. the main color idea is placed on the furniture and wall paint anyway. Meanwhile, other items can be white or others to balance the atmosphere. With a vintage style, it is definitely the best place to stay for a while.

Modern and Minimalist Makeup Room in White

Modern and Minimalist

For you who love the nuance of simple and sleek, the application of modern design is perfect for you. Interestingly, there are many dressers and beauty furniture that support this idea. For the color, it looks good with white for the wall decoration and furniture.

A Stunning Makeup Room with Unique Wall Stickers

Wall Stickers

Since it is a place to explore the beauty, you may not want the room to be plain without unique decorations. So, why don’t you decorate it more using wall stickers? The stickers must be in line with the concept or image to bring out inside.

Classic Makeup Room Ideas in Pastel Colors


Feminine and girly ideas are not only shown in pink colors. If you want, you can use other color ideas like peach or beige. The pastel colors also look perfect with classic interior design. Both basically look soft and smooth as well as it is suitable for the girly and feminine concept.

The Application of Lighting Focus on the Drawer Area

Drawer Area

Sometimes, how the design looks like is not really important. The most important thing is how the makeup room can be really functional for both the makeup artists and clients. So, you may not too many things inside but good lighting. The lighting is placed around the mirror and it has been a good decoration for the interior.

Classic Makeup Room Interior in Black and White

Black and White

Applying the dark color in a makeup or dressing room is basically quite “controversial”. Well, how can you makeup well when the surrounding is too dark? So, the best solution is by applying white also and this color should dominate the entire room. So that the interior is not too plain, combine it with the classic interior design.

A Big Makeup Room for a Professional Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist

Not all makeup artists are able to work well in a narrow and small room. Even if you are just doing it for yourself, a small area is just not comfortable. So, it is not bad to prepare quite a big room. Provide many shelves and drawers there to keep the tools and stuff. Not to forget, there must be mirrors and others to support your activity.

A Beautiful and Minimalist White Dresser for a Modern Makeup Room

Beautiful and Minimalist

The modern interior design is often associated with the nuance of simple and minimalist. Sure, it must be done also in the furniture. For the dresser, applying a simple white color is recommended. Not to forget, there must be white bulbs around the mirror.

A Unique Room for Makeup with Starlight Lighting Ideas

Unique Room

Do you want yourself as well as the clients to not be bored while being inside? So, the solution is by applying an interior decoration that is unique and different. One of them is the starlight lighting idea. It is basically applied using many small LED lights installed on the ceiling.

Black and White Dresser Room with Modern Furniture

Modern Furniture

Another “black and white” idea that can be applied in your makeup room. If in the previous point, it is only the white that dominates. Here, both of them are just balanced with each other. So, how can the room still look bright with the black? It is by manipulating the lighting. Aside from the bulbs around the mirror, the light can also be placed on the ceiling and walls.

Colorful Makeup Room Ideas in Pastels


There is the pink in some parts. But it is not the only color to apply inside. Some other pastel colors to apply including peach, beige, and even blue. They are applied for the cushions and other items to place inside. Well, the room may look more cheerful and elegant anyway.

The Ideas of Makeup Room in an Apartment


It is so cool if you can provide a dresser room on the height in an apartment. The design is no longer too important this way. You only need to place the dresser and other items next to the big window. Now, you and your clients can just do your jobs while seeing the beautiful landscape outside.

Elegant Makeup Rooms with Natural Accents


If a kind of makeup room with feminine and girly ideas has been too common, you can try this one. It is by applying an interior design with an elegant concept. The room is dominated by natural and earthy accents like rustic brown and accents. This idea is definitely really interesting and heartwarming for the makeup room ideas.

Other Makeup Room Ideas

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