23 Most Popular Modern Driveway Design Ideas for 2020

Decide to custom the driveway design of your house, it can be eye-catching. Driveways make by several kinds of materials, ideas and designs. To get many inspirations to your home, you have to often find all about the shape of modern driveways. Start from how to put of the cobble, how the style even circular, short etc or use the material you want.

Generally, the material used such as slate, concrete, slate, cobblestone etc. However, to make the driveways of cobblestone need more budget because it can be expensive but do not worry.

There are materials with low-cost you can use with the modern driveways. Here are the most popular modern driveways that you can choose to your modern house.

Front walkway model

walkway model

This model seems like a walkway in the front of the door or from the yard to the backyard of your house using the concrete. Usually, the artificial grass will add a beautiful view of your driveway.

If you decide to make this model, make sure the minimum width. It is about four feet so that the closest family and you easy to reach in the next walkway.

High-end brick circular modern driveway


The luxury house almost uses this model driveway, the high-end brick circular. This model has a circular shape by using the pavers and is made in around the waterfall of the house.

Besides that, there is a garden with beautiful flowers and plants. The high-end brick circular will link with the sidewalk and front of the house. It is so awesome to make this model.

Modern Pavers of a modern driveway

modern paver

To create a modern house, you have to make this model of the driveway for your house. The driveway makes by using pavers and between the stone of pavers, there is sand, soil or the grass to add the beauty of the driveway. Paver could not move or break because of the rain or weather condition.

Asphalt driveway for modern house

Asphalt driveway

This is an easy driveway to make and too fast because of it so simple to set in the front of the house or in the backyard. It has a low-cost also.

But the disadvantage the driveway that makes by asphalt should be changed or gotten a renovation every 5 years because of the gravel too loose. Then, it is not correct if you use this driveway to the place which has snowfall.

Contemporary and rustic stone driveway

Contemporary and rustic

A modern house is how to use the material well. The contemporary and rustic stone of driveway can make your house looking for a beautiful house and spectacular. The random rustic stone will see the house is too comfy.

This is one of the materials that timeless and strong. You can custom how the shape whether it is extended or wide of the driveway.

Paver of driveway modern

paver of driveway

This modern driveway paver uses all of the various types of material. There are material uses to driveway such as concrete, brick, etc. if you want to feel a village’s view you can use brick or terra-cotta.

If you want to minimalist view you can use stone or concrete. It is the best choice. You can add the pebbles and add the flowers side-by-side a walk.

Grass Paver modern of the driveway

grass paver

Grass paver will help the driveway from the puddle of water or flood. If you have a car or truck, you should use many layers. You can set based on you want and like. The grass will allow the water percolate.

Green modern driveway

Green driveway

This model of the driveway is the green modern driveway. On the other side, you can add some flowers, plants and grasses. It looks more green and natural view.

Front garage and driveway at the high-end house

Front garage

The high-end house has a front garage and driveway. It has paver of brown concrete in a random style and shape. It looks amazing and makes a beautiful impression to the visitors. The front garage and driveway is awesome matching. The design has a natural and simple.

Crushed Rock Driveway Modern

Crushed rock

The next is crushed rock driveway modern for modern house. This driveway is made with the rocks that crushed into small pieces. It is graveled and has a function to prevent the car or motorbike when ride here slipping. Perhaps, when the rain season. You cannot also see the puddle of water caused by rain.

To maintain gravel driveway is also simple and easy too. You only need to make a new layer of the gravels or crushed rocks every 7 years.

The modern landscape of driveway

landscape of driveway

Eventually, there are many ideas of the design to custom your driveway. you can get many inspirations to internet etc. In several countries, a lot of houses have a big garden and use the brick or pavers with the landscape models.

It is a common thing, especially in New York. It prefers the driveway as a simple and elegant to a house.

Modern concrete driveway for the luxury house

concrete driveway

This model is called and known as the aggregate design. The stone is collected in the top of the driveway. Actually, the driveway is too awesome when you mix between the concrete and stone. The house looks modern should be had both of them to add the modern model.

The big and luxury house can be used the paint such as green to balance with the concrete of driveway. Perhaps, it will be a good choice to renovation your house.

Modern shape driveway to the house

shape driveway

The first things when you decide to make the modern driveway model to your house, determine what the shape you use whether it is straight, circular, short etc. Then, you choose the material like concrete, loose stone, tar, natural stone etc.

For the modern driveway is the straight driveway to the garage but also another side, there is a layer to walk in the front door. For car, many people want to the straight driveway so that a car or other vehicles easy to ride or drive. Sometimes, your home is located in highland. Thus you need a high of the driveway to reach the door.

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