13+ Great Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

It is Christmas time and everyone has done with their decoration. Oh, have you decorated the outdoor part of the house? Well, if you still have a spare time then you can use it to make changes on there. There are a lot of outdoor Christmas decoration ideas that will help you decorate the front porch or backyard.

It’s not something hard to do since all you just need is creativity and a little bit dedication to d chores. Let’s take a look at the gallery of outdoor Christmas decoration ideas that will guide you remake the porch or the yard.

Lights on the Branches

Horizontal Branching

This one is simple but effective to create something different on your yard during the Christmas night. You just need to buy colorful round lamp and hang it on the branch tree. Surprise your neighbor with this decoration.

The Glowing Trees

Any Tree

Another lighting ideas for Christmas like this requires big effort but worth it. You need to buy set of small lamps with cords and wrap it to some trees, bottom to top and now you have glowing trees! Your yard would be the center of the attention for the whole nights.

Fruity Mix Garland

Fruity Mix

Don’t forget to decorate the entrance by using homemade garland. This time you can choose Fruity Mix as the concept of the garland that will decorate the main door. Add apples, lemon, and pineapple to enhance the concept.

Outdoor Fireplace with Chair Settings

Outdoor Hangout

Snow couldn’t stop you to hang out in the yard as long as there’s fireplace on there. This exquisite concept looks perfect with fluffy chairs that blend with the vicinity. While the chairs keep you comfortable, the fire pit will keep you warm.

Winter Wall Paint Ideas


If you want something bold, you can re-paint the outer wall with pastel color that is suitable with the winter season. Don’t forget to add wreath and garland with jingle bells ornament right above the door.

Simple Facade


Something simple but chic! Yep, sometimes you don’t need excessive ornaments for the outdoor part only if you have a great visual on the facade. A big round garland on the door is enough as a decoration.

Outdoor Fireplace on the Patio

Outdoor Fireplace

Start the makeover from the stone patio with fire pit on the backyard. You can re-arrange the pillows and cushions, a fresh look with wooden set chair and table to keep it simple and clean.

Snowy Forest with a Sled


A mini sled with faux snow, small Christmas tree and woods on the basket, it is a perfect example of how to create impressive outdoor Christmas decoration ideas. It’s like you make a mini snowy forest where Santa and his sled pass by.

Keep the Columns Warm by Wrapping It


Don’t let the columns empty and froze without any ornaments. Use garland with light to wrap it from the bottom to top that will glow during the night and add nature atmosphere on the daylight.

Wall-Mounted Wreath


If it’s not on the door, a wall-mounted white garland right under the mini lamp is something small but effective to show the Christmas outdoor decoration.

Do You Want to Build the Snowman?


Snowman is the simplest thing you can make on the front yard as outdoor Christmas decoration. Also, the kids will happy and wholeheartedly to help you build the Snowman.

Nature-like Front Porch Decoration

Mini Evergreens

A simple decoration with mini evergreens on pots and bucket, right next to the sled and winter shoes – it shows that Christmas decoration is not always fancy. Bring the nature closer to your house with this concept.

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