23 Amazing Unfinished Basement Ideas You Should Try

Unfinished basement ideas might be what you need right now. It is like a blank canvas that waits for your action to make it done. Other than that, you will be surprised by how many things you can try to put some colors in your basement.

In this article, we are going to give you several references for unfinished basement ideas. A pro could also help you to finish the basement to bring style and comfort. The presence of a basement in the home will be an additional room for space when you need it the most. Still, you need to make sure that it gives you comfort as well. So, here are the ideas you should take a look.

Install Foam Mats

install foam

Most unfinished basements left the floor in a poured concrete. You do not need to use ceramic tiles or wooden floor if you want to utilize this room as a gym room. Foam mats would be a perfect choice on the other hand. There are tons of sizes and colors available on the market and you just need to put it together like a puzzle.

Install Some Lights

some light

Many unfinished basements have lighting issues a.k.a. minimum lighting fixture and electrical outlets. Hanging some naked bulbs on the ceiling will create a playful ambiance. Also, you can bring some industrial string lights. You only need one outlet to illuminate a big area with string lights after all. Feel free to hang some other lights on the wall that will match the style of your basement.

Bring a Rug

bring a rug

The rug is not a stranger in home decorations. Besides bringing in the comfy, a rug also helps to draw and create an area. For example, you can throw down a rug to a conversational area where you put the sofa. Make sure it goes well with the color scheme in the basement. Feel free to explore the size after all. You can use a big one or smaller pieces that seem to fit the basement.

Install Cabinets and Other Storage Units

best cabinet

As we have mentioned earlier, a basement could be a good place where you store your stuff. This means that you can utilize the basement for a storage room. If this is your main intention, you should create some storage units such as cabinetries, racks, grids, and so on.

Paint the Blocks

paint the blocks

Who did say you cannot transform a poured concrete, brick, or cinder block wall into something pretty? You just need to pick the perfect color for the basement and paint them. Solid colors are better options. Feel free to get wild by making a mural to lighten up your subterranean space at home. Consistency is the main key in this case.

Hang a Curtain

hang a Curtain

If there is no wall in your basement, you can separate a room from another by installing or hanging some curtains. It does not have to be expensive but it could turn the basement into a warm room. You can look for some DIY projects on the internet to get the complete steps to hang curtains in the basement. Go for neutral colors or pick a bold one to make a statement.

Art Studio in the Basement

art studio

A basement can be turned into an art studio and it would be a great thing if you love to make arts and crafts. Also, a basement does not have to be too fussy. Feel free to add a rug and splash some pop colors on the walls. Make sure anything in it could draw your inspiration on creating products.

Wrap the Ceiling

wrap a ceiling

Some people consider their basement ceiling is too cold and rough for their taste. Feel free to soften the basement by wrapping it with swaths of fabric. It will make a nice canopy ceiling after all. Adding a pendant light would glam up the canopy even better.

Workshop Room

workshop room

If you are a DIY doer, you will need a proper workshop that stores all your stuff and comfortable enough to be creative. You can leave the floor in a sturdy concrete and bring in some storage units in it. Make sure you also provide several open shelving units for organization space. Also, the lighting should be adequate so you can finish your work and project conveniently. Yet, the empty basement is now occupied.

Paint the Beams

Paint the beam

Feel free to paint the exposed beam to make a nicer ceiling in the basement. It will give a clean feeling without spending too much budget. Leaving the beams exposed will allow the utilities to be accessible because you will need to make repairs to it sometimes.

Installing Partition

Basement Partition

To divide space in the basement, you can simply put a temporary wall. It will not take major planning and permits. A laundry room and a small bar can be located adjacent to each other in the basement. The presence of a partition and a curtain will make anything possible. The curtain will make the laundry room disappears when you want to hang in the bar with friends.

Paint the Floor

paint the floor

So, if you have a concrete wall for the basement and you want to splash a color, you just need to paint it with bold color options. Besides this is a DIY project, it will not cost you a huge budget to brighten up the floor with paint.

Build a Bathroom

build the bathroom

If you want to increase the value of your home, you can build a bathroom in your basement. It gives a functional purpose but you need to make sure that your basement has access to plumbing and drains. It could cost a bit expensive if you build a bathroom with plumbing and drains.

A bathroom in the basement should be simple and basic. Feel free to dress up with shine and leave it open. A curtain will do the bathroom good. Of course, it takes a deeper consideration before realizing a bathroom as one of the unfinished basement ideas.

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